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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are deliveries still going ahead?

    Yes, Express Appliances are delivering to all customers, however there are strict policies and guidelines in place to adhere to social distancing. For more information please call 01206 794 905

  • What if i believe i have Covid-19?

    Please call 01206 794 905 immediately to let us know and we will cancel your service call or delivery until a time when you have recovered.

  • If i believe myself to be on the Coronavirus vulnerable list what do i do?

    If you believe yourself to on the vulnerable list (for more information if you are vulnerable please follow this link) then please call 01206 794 905 immediately to notify a member of staff and we will infom you of the next steps to take.

  • I already have a delivery booked, will this still go ahead due to Covid-19?

    Yes, unless you tell us otherwise we will still conduct your delivery/collection, all we advise is that you remain at least 2 metres from the drivers while they conduct their duties, then clean the areas they have touched afterwards.

  • If i am concerned about Covid-19, do i have to accept delivery?

    No, if you are growing increasingly concerned with the Coronavirus and do not wish to let anyone into your property then please call 01206 794 905 at your earliest convenience to inform the office staff so they can cancel your job.

  • Am i at risk of catching Coronavirus if i let the drivers into my property?

    We are advising all of our customers to remain at least 2 metres away from the drivers at all times when in your property, adhering to the government advice of social distancing.

    Once they have left we do advise you clean any surface they may have touched with normal cleaning products to limit the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Will Coronavirus affect my delivery?

    For the most part, no.

    Express Appliances are still conducting deliveries up to a point we are advised not to, we are prioritising service calls and swaps and still conducting some new business.

  • What is an Accidental Damage Waiver?

    An Accidental Damage Waiver is a mandatory agreement with Express Appliances that covers the item on rent for such things as: accidental damage, fire or water, larceny and other such instances.

    Express Appliances Ltd will cover the item for the duration it is on rent for normal wear and tear or mechnical breakdowns, but will not cover the item for anything else unless an Accidental Damage Waiver has been signed.

    This is charged at a rate of 10% of the rental charge.

  • How much do you charge for rental of appliances?

    All of our prices can be found next to the items themselves, as the prices are subject to regular changes it is worth constantly checking these before you place an order.

    All charges are per calendar month, plus we add a 10% charge on all products for Accidental damage 

  • How can I pay?

    We take all payments via a Direct Debit,
    We do require each customer to set up a Debit Card too, this is for the Accidental Damage Waiver and as a back-up payment source.
    Payments can be arranged and may be organised to suit ie: weekly/fortnightly/payday etc.

  • Do you collect money from the door?

    No, we no longer operate a door collection as it is no longer cost effective for the customer as a charge needed to be added to cover collection and we look to keep our prices competitive.

  • I work during the week, are you able to deliver during the weekend?

    No, we don’t do weekend deliveries.

  • If my television or kitchen appliance breaks down how long will I have to wait before I get a service call?

    This depends on which area you live, please call 01206 794905 and press option 2 for more information.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

    We do not charge a deposit but do ask for £10.00 which is an administration fee – payable in cash on delivery along with the first month’s rent.

  • Do I have to sign an Agreement?

    Yes, the rental is based on a consumer credit agreement. You will be asked to sign a contract for a minimum of 12 months – which means that if you cancel before 12 months we can claim the rent due.  After 12 months the contract will continue to run until you cancel.

  • If you can’t repair it how long will I have to wait for you to get it back to me?

    Depending on which product you have will determine whether a replacement is left on the same day or whether we need to uplift for repair and return at a later date. For more information on this please call 01206 794 905 and press option 2.

  • What happens if my appliance breaks down?

    As soon as you notify us of a breakdown we organise a replacement and call you to arrange a delivery.  We swap the appliance and take the old one away.

  • Can more than one applicant residing at the same residential address, each rent their own separate appliance?

    No, only one applicant per address is allowed to rent.

    The applicant, however, can rent up to two appliances within the first 3 months.


    Applicants must complete Three months rent, default-free before adding on a third appliance, if they so require.   

    Upon receiving later requests for further appliances; financial support/income evidence from the existing customer is required to be submitted.




  • If I place my order today how long can I expect to wait for delivery?

    At present our bookings are being scheduled about a week in advance in many areas. However, it is worth speaking to an adviser as they will advise you when the next available day is.

  • Are you able to give me a delivery time?

    No, because of the nature of our Business we are unable to guarantee delivery time slots. This is because the drivers are delivering and installing large white goods appliances. This is also because the drivers may experience traffic issues which will slow them down.

    We do advise that our delivery drivers will give a 30 minute (approx) courtesy call before attending the property.

  • What happens if I miss my delivery?

    Our drivers do give a 30 minute courtesy call before delivery, they use a company mobile phone to do this. This will show as an unknown number but please answer, as if there is no answer then the drivers will not attend the property to make the delivery.

    If the delivery is failed, for any reason, then it will be rebooked on to the next available delivery day. 

  • How does the 14 day cool off period work ?

    Express Appliances has a 14 day call off period, if you wish to cancel you must meet these requirments.

    1. The product must not be used.
    2. A £25 collection fee must be paid before collection.
    3. We must have written confirmation for cancelling, to be addressed to - UNIT 11 , MOORSIDE BUSINESS CENTRE, COLCHESTER, CO1 2TJ
    4. This must be cancelled within 14 days of recieving the product. 
  • Do you have a complaints procedure?

    Yes, please visit our terms and conditions page, or click here

  • I am an existing customer, how long do i have to wait before i can add another product?

    We will always ask for a minimum of 3 months default free before adding another product to your account, however with some of our brand new items this may require 6 months default free. For more information about this please call 01206 794 905 and press option 1.

  • If i miss a payment will i be able to add another product?

    We always ask for a minimum of 3 months default free; this means that as long as payments are paid on time at the frequency agreed then another item can be added to your agreement from as early as 3 months. However, if you miss a payment or a payment is late then another minimum 3 months default free will need to be seen before any new item is added to your agreement.