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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you charge for rental of appliances?
    • Washing Machines from £19.02
    • Washer/Dryers from £24.00
    • Tumbler dryers from £13.00
    • Dishwashers from £8.67
    • Under counter Fridges or Freezers from £17.03
    • Tall Fridge Freezers from £17.33
    • Cookers from £18.20

    All charges are per calendar month

  • How can I pay?

    Payment can be set up via a Debit Card.
    Payments can be arranged and may be organised to suit ie: weekly/fortnightly/payday etc.

  • Do you collect money from the door?

    No, we no longer operate a door collection as it no longer cost effective for the customer as a charge needed to be added to cover collection and we look to keep our prices competitive.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

    We do not charge a deposit but do ask for £10.00 which is an administration fee – payable in cash on delivery along with the first month’s rent.

  • Do I have to sign an Agreement?

    Yes, we have an credit rental agreement. You will be asked to sign a contract for 12 months – which means that if you cancel before 12 months we can claim the rent due.  After 12 months the contract will continue to run until you cancel.

  • What happens if my appliance breaks down?

    As soon as you notify us of a breakdown we organise a replacement and call you to arrange a delivery.  We swap the appliance and take the old one away.

  • When was Express Appliances established?

    It was founded in 1999.

  • If I place my order today how long can I expect to wait for delivery?

    As a general rule the time interval is 3 days. However, if you require a more urgent delivery don’t hesitate to ask; the chances are that we will be able to accommodate your request.

  • I work during the week, are you able to deliver during the weekend?

    No, we don’t do weekend deliveries, but we can do evening deliveries on request.

  • If my television or kitchen appliance breaks down how long will I have to wait before I get a service call?

    It should be no later than 3 working days.

  • If you can’t repair it how long will I have to wait for you to get it back to me?

    We always leave an equivalent loan product, so there is no waiting involved.