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1. Scope

Hereinafter Express Appliances Ltd will be known as “The Lender” and the customer acknowledging, and accepting, this agreement will be known as “The Applicant”.

The Applicant of this Rental Agreement must be a minimum of 18 years old and will be legally bound by its Terms & Conditions regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.
By accepting these terms at point of purchase, The Applicant will enter a fixed minimum period contract of which The Applicant will be liable to pay any outstanding arrears of moneys owed if, at any time, the contract has been breached.

2. Property

Any equipment The Applicant rents remains the property of The Lender. The lender takes responsibility for faults and breakdowns within the stated term of this agreement (1). The lender of the equipment does not permit The Applicant to sell, rent, pawn, or dispose of any of the equipment including any accessories which are being rented under this agreement. The lender reserves the right to inspect the rented equipment any time during the agreement period. The applicant is expected to keep the equipment clean and in a reasonably maintained condition.

The Applicant acknowledges that, if they authorise The Lender to remove their old appliance(s), these item(s) will be disposed of by The Lender and will not be available to The Applicant should they choose to cancel the contract within the 14-day coolig off period.

3. Remuneration

Payments made by The Applicant to the rental account must be paid on time at the agreed date by the payment means agreed by both parties. (2)
If a payment fails or a Direct Debit mandate is cancelled or failed The Applicant agrees for The Lender to re-attempt, and/or reinstate this transaction any time on or before the next payment date. Failure to meet these conditions will put the agreement in arrears and may cause The Lender to terminate this agreement for Breach of Contract.
The Applicant agrees to provide The Lender with the appropriate payment details at all times whilst The Applicant is still under contract (3).
Any details given to The Lender will be stored securely on an online server, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Applicant hereby authorises The Lender to take Direct Debit payments on a recurring basis.
The Lender reserves the right not to service any item being rented by The Applicant if their account is in arrears. The Lender further reserves the right to request at least a contribution payment towards the arrears, should the product(s) require servicing a eqully collecting.

All prices are subject to annual increases due to inflation. By accepting the product, The Applicant acknowledges, and accepts this agreement, and agrees to be bound by these terms for the agreed minimum contract term (3). The Lender may, in certain circumstances, request a refundable deposit to be kept on The Applicant’s account, details can be given upon application (4). The equipment may be used by a third-party person(s), with the applicant’s permission, but may NOT be permanently removed from the install premises stated on the agreement.

4. Delivery and Installation 

Whilst our Appliance Delivery and Install Drivers are fully trained to install and uninstall all domestic appliances at customer’s homes, there are occasions when accidents happen. Every effort is made to avoid and prevent any type of damage occurring during the installation. In the unlikely event of an accident which directly results in damage to property or floors and floor coverings, The Lender or its employees will not accept any responsibility for any claim made. It is, therefore, The Applicants responsibility to take necessary measures to prevent damage happening by means of protective floor coverings, removal of delicate furnishings and ensuring a clear passage to wherever our employees need access to. By accepting this agreement, The Applicant acknowledges and agrees to these terms.

5. Damages and loss

The Applicant must have contents insurance cover on their property to cover any damages or loss to the product(s) on rent. If contents insurance is not available, The Lender may offer an alternative of their own; if applicable (5). If not applicable, then The Applicant may be liable to cover the cost of any damage or loss. This also applies to the loss of food if, for any reason, a refrigeration unit, supplied by The Lender should break down. The Applicant must be aware that The Lender will not be liable for any food loss caused, should the Rented Appliance breakdown. The Applicant must be aware that The Lender will not be liable for any damage caused to clothing or personal property should the Rented Appliance break down.

The lender reserves the right to terminate this rental agreement and withdraw all equipment from The Applicant without prior written notice at any given time during the term of this agreement.The lender is not responsible for any financial liabilities which occur from the use of the equipment. If you have any questions regarding the Terms & Conditions, please contact our Customer Services by email to info@expressappliances.co.uk

6. Termination of the Rental Agreement 

The Applicant has 14 days, from the day immediately following successful delivery of the product, to decide if they wish to continue the agreement. If The Applicant decides to cancel their agreement within their statutory 14 days they will receive a proportional refund of the upfront payment only, providing the product is returned unused, and in the original delivered condition, this will not include the administration fee. The Applicant acknowledges that the product must be returned unused, and/or unopened to be able to receive the applicable refund, as stated above. The Applicant acknowledges that they must report their intention to terminate their agreement within the initial 14 days and have returned the product within 28 days. After the statutory 14 days has elapsed, The Applicant acknowledges they will be bound by the Terms and Conditions for the minimum duration.

7. Important – you should read this carefully your rights under the consumer credit act 2006.

The Consumer Credit Act 2006 covers this agreement and lays down certain requirements for your protection which must be satisfied when the agreement is made. If they are not, we cannot enforce the agreement without a court order. The Act also gives you several rights. You have the right to settle this agreement at any time by giving notice in writing and paying off all amounts payable under the agreement. If you are unsatisfied with the goods or services supplied to you under this agreement you may have a right to sue the supplier, us, or both. Similarly. If the Contract is not fulfilled, perhaps because the supplier has gone out of business, you may still be able to sue us. If you would like to know more about the protection and remedies provided under the Act, you should contact either your local Trading Standards Department or your nearest Citizens Advise Bureau.

8. Late Payments 

If at any time during the contract period The Applicant is unable to pay on the date agreed, The Applicant may be liable for Late Payment Charges.
Late Charges:
Direct Debit Non-Payment £15.00,
Debit Card Non-Payment £15.00,
Chargebacks £28.00 per chargeback.

9. Accidental Damage Waiver.

The “Accidental Damage Waiver” will cover The Applicant, as detailed below, from 30 days following the acceptance of delivery. The Applicant may not claim within the first 30 days of their agreement going live. Once a Waiver is claimed it is no longer valid, and you will no longer be charged for its cover. The Applicant will no longer be eligible to apply for further Accidental Damage Waivers on the claimed product.
In the event The Applicant needs to put a claim in, the item will be collected and brought back to our workshop for further investigation and/or repair work to be undertaken before the item (or a replacement) is sent back. The “Accidental Damage Waiver” amount will be included in the total monthly charge quoted by The Lender and will be taken as one amount on the agreed date. (6)
The waiver payment structure is calculated as a percentage of The Applicants overall agreement amount. This will be agreed between The Lender and The Applicant.

9.1 Additional Charges

If the Applicant reports an easily repairable fault, deemed so by The Lender, and refuses to attempt this repair, The Applicant may be liable to an additional £15.00 service charge, added to their agreement.

The Accidental Damage Waiver will cover The Applicant in the event of:

  • Damage to the equipment deemed as accidental damage by The Lender.
  • Renewal or recharging of batteries or any damage resulting from leaking batteries. (NB: this does not include drop damage, puncture damage or any other damage deemed as non-fault)
  • Damage for any cause other than reasonable wear and tear.
  • Damage to styling, cosmetic or surface damage or damage to consumable parts.
  • Damage for loss of use or entertainment during the period in which repairs are being carried out.
  • Repairs to cosmetic parts and accessories exterior to the equipment
  • Damage caused by foreign objects or substances.

The Accidental Damage Waiver will NOT cover The Applicant in the event of:

  • Damage to the equipment caused by fire, aircraft, lightning, or anything deemed as non-accidental damage by The Lender.
  • Theft, or loss.
  • Software, performance issues, firmware updates or app issues
  • Telecoms issues, i.e., sim card failure, signal loss, WIFI loss, data plan or carrier updates
  • Tampering of electrical circuitry
  • Any damage caused, where a preventative measure has been put in place to mitigate a risk
  • Any damage caused because of having a television mounted on a wall.

10. Mobile Phone and Tablet Policy

Upon return of any item that is password protected, The Applicant is responsible for the removal of passwords prior to return. If the password has not been removed, The Applicant must hand over all passwords. Failure to provide the correct passwords may result in The Applicant being liable for any charges incurred in resetting the device back to factory settings. Should you choose to return the item within your statutory 14-day period, there must be no noticeable usage to the device, it must be returned as new. If the item is returned in a less than new state, then The Applicant may be liable to additional charges.

11. The Direct Debit Guarantee

  • This Guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits
  • If there are any changes to the amount, date, or interval of your Direct Debit, Express Appliances Ltd will notify you 3 working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If you request Express Appliances Ltd to collect a payment, confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of request.
  • If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by Express Appliances Ltd or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society – if you receive a refund, you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when Express Appliances Ltd asks you to.
  • You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Written confirmation may be required. Please also notify us. Written notification may also be required.

I, The Applicant, named on the Rental Agreement, have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out above.
I, The Applicant, acknowledge that by accepting the delivery of the product, and after the statutory 14 days has elapsed I will be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this agreement, for the minimum term, as stated on the agreement.

  • Faults and Breakdowns are classified as general wear and tear of the item, or mechanical issues that are of no fault to The Applicant.
  • Unless otherwise stated, and agreed, all payments will be made via Direct Debit.
  • The minimum contract term means the minimum term of the contract, once this has been fulfilled the agreement rolls over to a monthly agreement thereafter.
  • The refundable deposit will be kept on The Applicant’s account for the duration of the agreement term. The Lender reserves the right to use this deposit should The Applicant fall into arrears. If the deposit is still available at the end of the agreement term it will be refunded back to the customer, following a written request to do so.
  • The alternative is classified as am Accidental Damage Waiver and is only available to certain products. For more information please speak to an adviser.
  • Please check your agreement to see if you are covered by the Accidental Damage Waiver, if you are not covered then you may be liable to pay for any damages and/or repairs.